Our philosophy



                          Four themes guide                          and illustrate our work:


                              Tradition, Prestige

                              Passion, Exception

Terra Vitis

We are members of the Terra Vitis brand that highlights an ultra agriculture - reasoned order to respect the environment and nature that is our working tool.


With Terra Vitis , our values ​​are your guarantee :


Passionate winegrowers who wish to share their approach.



A respected local interventions with ensuring the welfare of the consumer.



Actions today and tomorrow to respect and protect the vineyard and his men.



An approach recognized by the Minister of Agriculture and equivalent to level 2 environmental certification .


Extract from Terra vitis charter, information on the website http://www.terravitis.com/

Les Champagnes des Vignerons

It is important to us to be part of the collective mark , Champagnes des vignerons  whose members share the same values ​​and guarantees Champagnes :     


  • From family vineyard    
  • Quality : the vines are cultivated by wineries and winemaking is done on vineyard  
  •  Unique, rare and expressive reflections of a terroir and know -how transmitted from generation to generation    
  • Respectful of the specifications of the Controlée of Origin Champagne .


 Extract from the charter Champagnes des Vignerons , more information on the website